“Fuck it!”

Fuck it.. I need to start somewhere!
Sorry for not posting entries at all..

I have contemplating alot lately on how to start up this blog stuff..
I have a few drafts of what my head spins around, but i always save the draft and this is resulting in me not posting it.. So here it goes!

This blog is mainly about computer stuff, my private thoughts and my life in general.. The things that bothers me, the things that hits my heart, the things im thinking about.. I will try not to be too personal but sometimes i need to get some shit off my heart and sometimes my head..

Starting off with some computer stuff:
I have lately been occupied with “centralizing” my servers..
As you can tell from my Status page its alot of them.. I pay small amounts for these every month and im getting sick and tired of working with numerous servers at a time when i could achieve the same results with just a few bigger servers.. So i have invested some money in dedicated servers.. I now have 3 of them located in a datacenter in Paris, France.. These are more than enough for me to work with, alot of power and alot of discspace for all my shit.. So for the last three weeks i have continously worked on gathering all my applications, shutting them down and moving them into these dedicated servers.. With luck!
Finally im seeing my work come back to life as more centralized applications and services.

A big shoutout to OneProvider for having me and for their impeccable prices!

I have installed Ampache on my server, this is my alternative to Spotify.
I like Spotify, tho i couldnt find some of the music i like, also without Premium Spotify i couldnt listen to the bitrate i wanted.. Also i feel like its easier for me to upload the music i like rather than looking for it without finding it on Spotify.
Ampache is the shit! It really is, im so impressed!! Let me know if you want an account to log on and listen to the music! For real, hit me up if you want it!

I have recorded a video of me spray painting a piece on a legal wall.
I think its cool.. But when watching it a few times i can tell its missing something..
But its already published on Youtube so there nothing i can do about it now..
I will keep recording my graffiti from now on, i just need some better equipment.
Heres the link to my video.. I will keep posting other stuff im recording to YT when i get down to making it.. Stay tuned.. 🙂

Now into some personal stuff, issues and what not:
I have a very hard time sleeping lately.. Alot of bad thoughts have been bothering me lately.. I wont go into specifics.. But insomnia is so fucked up!
Life hasnt been good to me lately and im struggling to keep my head up because of this.. I dont want to bother those around me with details and/or thoughts..
These are my problems.. And my problems only.. They will pass..
I have started doing graffiti more than usual and this helps alot because it feels like good therapy.. But im missing more to life than just spray painting..
I have a few personal projects running for myself but still i feel like im missing out on life still.. Maybe i will go into details later on but right now it feels like i cant do it..

Tomorrow im going to my more spray cans! .. I cant wait.. I have almost used all of mine.. All i have left is half empty scrap cans.. It will do on canvas, but on walls its a bit dangerous to start doing a piece and the can gets empty halfway into the piece.. Thats a big fuck up..

The time is 05:13 while writing this, not tired at all.. But i have to try to sleep now.